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Imani Todd is a 26-year-old lyricist, performing artist, and a creative all around. With a B.A in Creative Writing from University of California, Riverside, Imani specializes in tutoring and teaching English in innovative ways. Her love for words started in 3rd grade, after a teacher praised a paragraph she wrote. In 2012, she wrote her high school class' graduation song "High School Days", and in 2017, she performed the spoken word piece "Statistics", featured in an article in The LA Times, at her graduation from UCR. In 2018, Imani travelled as a poet ambassador to Accra, Ghana under the poetry pen pal program WOWA (West Oakland to West Africa). For 10 days, Imani met the Ghanaian poets she'd been exchanging poetry with for 9 months, and WOWA held a poetry slam at the W.E.B DuBois Centre to end the trip. Since travelling to Ghana, Imani's passion is in community building through teaching youth the power of writing, always reminding her students that, "writing is one of the bravest professions. When you put pen to paper, no one can tell you what to say or how to feel."
Her writing credits include music reviews for the popular music website The Juice Daily, spoken word pieces Who Taught You, She is God, The System, and Statistics, with spoken word partner and artist Gabby the Great, as well as More than Friends, Empty Promises, Amerikkka, and Persona,l found on her YouTube page. She is currently creating content for social media that focuses on her reflections of this eventful year, 2020.
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